Saturday, June 2, 2012

Magic and Fast Cars and Helicopters

On Monday, I'm releasing the book trailer for The Raven Boys to the internet (and starting a contest for TEN advanced review copies)(sadly, because they are ARCs for the U.S. edition, provided to me by my U.S. publisher, it is for U.S. addresses only). Monday is also the day I arrive in NYC for BEA. BEA is also the moment when advanced review copies start making their way into the hands of reviewers and readers of all stripes. It is really, really strange to be here in this moment. I keep picking up the advanced review copy from where it sits beside me on the desk. I open to a random page. I ask myself, "What will other people feel when they read this?" The thing is, I'm not sure what I've written. I know what I want to have written. But novels are in the eye of the beholder. So I won't know what other people see until they read it. Monday. That's when it all starts. I have an ulcer. This is what I wanted to write: the book that didn't exist when I was sixteen and reading novels with my dad. I read all his old hand-me-downs — Dean Koontz, Jack Higgins, Michael Crichton. And at the same time, I was checking out Diana Wynne Jones, Susan Cooper, and C. S. Lewis from the library. I adored them all separately, but what I really wanted was a series that was both: magic and guns and fast cars and old myth all tangled up together, told by teen narrators. I wanted it to be full of heroes and people don't think they're heroes but are wrong and people who do but are also wrong. And I wanted it to be action! dreamy! love! angst! This is what I think I've written. But I'm not sure. My dad read it a few months ago and pronounced it the best thing I'd written, by which he means the most dad thing I'd written, so there's the KoontzHigginsCrichton itch scratched. And my younger sister Kate (she of the tears in the dedication of Shiver) read it and said, "Oh, Maggie." So there's the angst part. But both of them together? We'll see. Plus, the trailer, it . . . well. You'll see. It took me a long time. And it's different from all of the others. Sort of exactly precisely a lot like The Raven Boys. It is so very odd to have nerves in my stomach over this. Although I am frequently hyper and often melodramatic and sometimes angsty, I am very rarely nervous. I'm going to go . . . well, I was going to say that I was going to go make cookie dough and tea, but I gave up caffeine ten days ago. I'll probably go stare at my tea pot for a little bit. And then pack for BEA.
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