Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stars & Guitars for The Raven Boys

I have been sitting on two great starred reviews for The Raven Boys for a little while now, and now that a third one has come in, I can't stand it any longer and must share. The full reviews will be available when the book comes out (or for subscribers to the journals), but here are some quotes:

 "Simultaneously complex and simple, compulsively readable, marvelously wrought. The only flaw is that this is Book 1; it may be months yet before Book 2 comes out." - Kirkus

 ". . . the book is marvelous, for not only is it filled with marvels, it is also a marvel of imagination and, more prosaically, structure. Rich, too, in characterization, this fantasy/mystery rises to the level of serious literature, leaving readers hungering for more." - Booklist

 "It’s a tour de force of characterization, and while there is no lack of event or mystery, it is the way Stiefvater’s people live in the reader’s imagination that makes this such a memorable read." - Publishers Weekly

Also, Scholastic has nearly finalized my September-October tour schedule for The Raven Boys, so I should be able to share that in a week and some change. For the past few years, I've attacked a guitar with Sharpie markers to give away on tour, and this year is no exception. The musical victim just arrived in the mail, and I've got a new box of Sharpies just waiting to be loosed. I'll be giving it away at the launch party.

If I know myself, I'll probably Sharpie on a couple editions of The Raven Boys, too, to give away to blog folks who can't come out to the events. We'll see. Writing deadlines might eat my brains in the interim, but WE SHALL SEE. Past Sharpie guitars, prepare to meet your new friend . . .

Sharpie Guitars All

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BellaBunnell said...

Can. Not. Wait. For.This. Book. You know I'd almost kill for one of those guitars. Your talent is boundless. Fingers crossed you're making it to Oregon again. xx

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