Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things: Ironman, Batman, and the Beach

I have been quiet on my blog because of these three things.

1. I was at San Diego Comic-Con. These were there.

San Diego Comic-Con, Ironman

So was this.

 San Diego Comic-Con - Batmobile

2. Speaking of that, I saw the Batman movie. I was . . . underwhelmed. I've thought about it a lot over the past 24 hours, trying to decide why I was underwhelmed when so many of my peers thought it was brilliant, and I think it's because the ending was quite nifty. I thought the entire thing was an hour and a half too long and very self-consciously dark/ manipulative (let's add tension to this scene by adding some civilians. I know, how about a BUSLOAD OF ORPHANS!). I couldn't get past that, but Lover could, because the ending was so very much what we both wanted. So. Don't let me stop you from seeing it, but know that I miss the days of 100 minute films.

3. I went to the beach with my in-laws. I made this:

 My Sand Horse

 (the horse, not the bikini or the sunglasses).

 My Sand Horse

I'll be back next week and blogging lengthily about SOMETHING, I'm sure.
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