Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Foreign Cover Round Up

As I packed my passport in my bag, I realized it has been a very long time since I've done a wrap up of foreign cover. Because they interest me, I'm going to inflict them on you. My apologies if I've posted any of them before or if I've missed anybody. You can get ALL of the foreign covers I have for each book by clicking on the linky above each set of covers.

The Scorpio Races

From left to right: Dutch, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, German, Brazilian, French, and Italian.

Lament & Ballad

From left to right: Czech, Czech, Italian, Hungarian

Shiver, Linger & Forever

Left to Right: Chinese, Latvian, Hebrew

The Raven Boys

Left to right: French, Hungarian, Swedish, UK

Also, my Swedish publisher just tweeted this photo of the Stockholm subway to me:

I said: o.O

Okay. I'm off to Germany and the UK now. See ya there?

Oh, oh, oh. And I'm also going to be doing a Critique Partner Love Connection in a few days.

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