Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No, I Am Here. I HAVE Been Here

And by here, I mean on the Internet.

I know it might seem like the blog has been a bit dark lately, but it is not because I am not on the Internet. I'm working on a secret project, WhitePantsNovel, that I'll be able to tell you about soon, but it's been eating my large blocks of time*. So I've been snatching little posts here and there instead of full blog posts. In particular, a lot of my off-the-cuff stuff is over on Tumblr these days:

And I'm also on Twitter and Facebook.


*I cannot wait to tell you about this. Cannot. Wait.

Oh, while I have you, though, here is a brief run down of things:

- The Raven Boys audiobook is available for free, no-strings-attached download from SYNC for one week beginning on June 13th.

- I am giving away an advanced review copy of The Dream Thieves on my Tumblr. It's an art contest. Details here.

- My critique partner, Tessa Gratton, has a very excellent novel coming out on the 25th, called The Lost Sun. It's set in an alternative U.S. where Norse religion is the norm, and it's great.

- I will be at LeakyCon in Portland at the end of this month.

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