Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Dream Thieves Tour & Signed Books Post That Goes On Forever

I have been hoarding a billion things about tour and pre-orders and special editions of books so that they could all be posted at the same time. I know it's frustrating to read a list of tour locations that are nowhere near you (and inevitably, that will be true for most people), but I'm trying to make it easier for those who aren't close to get a signed book if they want one. This post shall be full of all those details.

Also, this weekend I pulled out my pencils and paints and did some Art Things on three special copies of The Dream Thieves, and I shall put details on where those are going below, too.


Okay. Places to get signed/ special books if you can't make it on tour.

If you're in the U.S. or willing to pay overseas shipping, you can order signed and doodled-in books from Fountain Bookstore. I will do this doodle, or something like it, in every copy ordered before 9/17:


If you're in the UK or Ireland or are willing to pay for shipping from the UK, you can order a special copy from Seven Stories. Every pre-ordered copy of The Dream Thieves will include a signed, limited edition bookplate with some of my art on it. It will look like so (but with my signature):

 The Dream Thieves bookplate

And finally, if you're in Canada, a variety of stores are offering a limited edition postcard involving the Raven Boys trailer art if you pre-order from them. (this is what they let me know:

Dream Thieves Pre-Order Signage

) Here is a list. Ontario: The Book Keeper, BookLore, Kaleidescope Books, Mabel's Fables, Curiosity House Books. Alberta: Café Books, Monkeyshines. Quebec: La Maison Anglaise, Livres Babar. Manitoba: McNally Robinson. Saskatchewan: McNally Robinson. BC: Black Bond Books, Mosaic Books.

And those three books that I defaced with my colored pencils and my spray paint? I am sending one to Fountain Books (US), one to Seven Stories (UK), and one to Mabel's Fables (Canada), with the instructions that their special copy is to be sent to one random pre-order. I guess technically you can "enter to win it" by pre-ordering (certainly the odds are much better than any of my ARC contests have been - 1 in a few hundred versus 1 in 2000), but really I just wanted it to be a thank you to folks who pre-order. I like the idea that three people will be surprised when they open their box and find that instead of just a signed copy or whatever.

Phew. And now. The tour schedule (click each event for details of location, etc.)

9/17: Kansas City, MO - 7 PM

9/19: St. Louis, MO - 7 PM

9/20: Virginia Beach, VA - 6 PM

9/25: Dallas, TX- 7 PM

9/26: Houston, TX - 6 PM

9/28: Austin Teen Book Festival

9/30: Salt Lake City, UT - 5 PM

10/1: San Francisco, CA - 4 PM

10/2: Berkeley, CA - 7 PM

10/3: Lynnwood, WA - 7 PM

10/4: Seattle, WA - 12 PM

10/5: Wordstock, Portland, OR

10/19: Boston Book Festival

10/20: Exeter, NH - 4 PM 

10/22-23: Vancouver Writer's Festival

10/24: Alberta, Canada - 7 PM

10/ 26: NYC - 3 PM

10/27 - Rhinebeck, NY - 4 PM


I never want to copy and paste a link into a blog post ever again. PHEW.
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