Friday, October 29, 2010

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So, I'm taking a break from being profound to work on one of the giveaways for my Halloween event with Jackson Pearce. SHIVER/ LINGER paperdolls. I know you are all just dying to see them, so here they are.

Grace the paperdoll:

and her outfit (yes, the winner has to color the outfits themselves, I'm not a MACHINE).

Sam the paperdoll (no, I'm not saying, definitely that he is a boxer over brief man, this is just a suggested serving):

and his outfit:

Isabel the paperdoll (I actually think I wrote her with her hair wrong, because I could never get her to look like what I wanted her to look like with short hair):

And her outfit:

Cole the paperdoll:

And his outfit:


Haha, I think it's charming that you thought he was going to have an outfit.
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