Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Incoherent Bulgarian Blog Posts, Out of Order

So I am supposed to be both finishing Secret Novel before Jan. 1st and writing blog posts about my overseas tour. My multi-tasking is not going so well, however, because my desire to make cookies won out over my desire to blog. So instead of doing my full post today, I will instead share a small Anecdote from Bulgaria, my last tour stop.

On my last day in Bulgaria -- nay, my last day officially on tour! -- the Bulgarians threw a fantastic masquerade ball in my honor. They had some hot Bulgarian actor as MC, national dancers doing some pretty amazing stuff, real Bulgarian folk music, giveaways, masks, the works. There were were a few hundreds people there. It was glamorous.

They called me on stage and said they had a present for me. A PRESENT! I love presents. Maybe it's a puppy!

It was not a puppy. It was a set of Bulgarian bagpipes. Which they urged me to try in front of the crowd.

This is what happened.

More to come. Once I've made more cookies and written more on Secret Novel.
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