Monday, January 10, 2011

If You Could Ask A Writer ONE Question . . .

A little less than one month than now, I and 22 other YA writers will be withdrawing to a secluded location in middle America and, under the watchful gazes of several stuffed animal heads, having a writer's retreat. There will be mirth and probably drinking (by other people, I don't)(taste, not principle)(faeries don't like alcohol, didn't you hear?) and much discussion of the business.

Also there will be a v-log/ v-chat. Because there are so damn many of us, it'll be impossible to have a back and forth with readers as we normally would, so what's going to happen is this: each writer is going to answer one question. This is where you come in. If you could ask one question of one of these authors, who would you ask what? I will use arcane methods, black magic, wisdom, and chance to assign a question to each author. The final v-chat time will be announced closer to the event, but it'll be the first week of February.

And here's the line-up.

1. Me.
2. Tessa Gratton
3. Brenna Yovanoff
4. Carrie Ryan
5. Jackson Pearce
6. Jackie Dolamore
7. Dawn Metcalf
8. Kiersten White
9. Jenny Moss
10. Julie Kagawa
11. Frankie Mallis
12. Sonia Gensler
13. Victoria Schwab
14. Natalie Standiford
15. Saundra Mitchell
16. Myra McEntire
17. Jessica Spotswood
18. Carrie Jones
19. Jeri Smith-Ready
20. Julia Karr
21. Elizabeth Scott
22. Beth Revis
23. Sarah Darer Littman
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