Monday, January 10, 2011

Jack Frost, the Sequel

Recently I wrote about how my daughter, the 6 year old Thing 1, was contemplating plans to prove whether or not Jack Frost was real. As she is my daughter and my genes are strong, these plans involved knocking him senseless with bricks and then interrogating him.

I thought this plan had been abandoned for dolls and Olivia and baking and other childish female pastimes, but then I found this:

Allow me to interpret.

Thing 1's Jack Frost Plan

I'm never going to sleep.

And in case anyone doubts that Thing 1 is related to me, allow me to present one of my early works, recently given to me by my mother. (who is so pleased that I turned out to be a useful member of society).

You can see how my plots haven't changed much.
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