Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okay, The Insanity MUST Stop.

Okay. I say this with all due tenderness because readers, you know I love you guys, right? I do. You're the reason why I blog.


Ever since SHIVER's film rights got optioned by Warner Bros./ Unique Features, I have been buried underneath emails, blog comments, facebook comments, letters, and banners being pulled behind airplanes -- all of them populated by readers saying "Do I look like Grace? I could be Grace!" or "PLEASE CAST SO AND SO FOR SAM!" or "Who do I contact about playing Olivia!?"

(strangely, no one ever emails wanting to play, say, Ulrik or something).

You would not believe how little role I have in casting or the movie process. None. That's how much. My involvement is limited to phone calls from my film agent with updates on things that have happened without my knowledge and the extend of my input is whether or not they spell my last name Stiefvater or Steifvater on documents. I don't have secret pull with anyone in L.A.. I promise. I have No. Influence. At. All.

And I know I explain this on every single FAQ page I have available to me and still . . . the emails come pouring in. I got 10 overnight. 8 yesterday. As many the day before. It would be different if they came with cookie recipes attached, but instead, it's only hundreds of headshots.

So this is where I say, sadly (but firmly), that I won't be responding to any email, tweet, plane with banner, etc. that has a casting suggestion in it. It just takes too long to say "I don't have any say in the casting!" and try to make it sound like I don't like your face. And I feel weird having  photographs of a million teens in my inbox. Please don't?

To soften the blow of this post, I'm going to share photos of Lover's dog, Cooper. The first photo is the day we picked him up, August 10th. Of 2010. (He's a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog). For some reason, we keep feeding him, and he keeps growing.

ed puppyCooper/ Odd/ ChainsawThe dogsCooper, STAYCooper & PeanutCooper, January 2011
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