Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Writers Workshop?

So, after my post about the writers' retreat I'm going on in February, I got a few e-mails asking about how one got invited to such things and/ or expressing jealousy, envy, or slight homicidal tendencies (depending on the e-mail). The answer for that particular retreat was that you had to be agented and I had to know you and think I could stand a week cozying up to you in my pajamas.

However, it made me realize that there was one resolution from last year that I hadn't tackled for several reasons, but maybe ought to revisit. It was "host a writers' workshop" for unpublished writers.

So I'm still kicking this concept around. If I did such a thing in the D.C./ Virginia area, one-time, maybe one or two days, possibly early summer . . . would I have enough interest? Can I see a show of hands to see if it's even worth looking into?
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