Monday, July 11, 2011

Square Peg. Camaro-Shaped Hole.

I am packing for my tour tomorrow (all dates and locations HERE) and I am beginning to think I might have some problems.

It began on Friday, when this arrived from my crazy and wonderful Scholastic publicist:

Apologetic list from Scholastic

And then the DHL man came and brought:

900 key chains
A few keychains.

About the same number of This is Teen flash drives

A few flash drives

And then the UPS man came later that day and brought yet more boxes which contained:

Tons of THE SCORPIO RACES post cards (which I'll be using a few of for Postcard to a Stranger on tour)

Post cards

Some This is Teen post cards

More post cards

Some stickers

Signed by stickers

Which wouldn't be a problem except I'm already bringing

a bunch of Linger tank tops to give away at the launch party in Tyson's Corner tomorrow.

Some LINGER tank tops

A bunch of wolf cut outs from the FOREVER trailer to give away at the launch party.

Wolf Cut Outs from the FOREVER trailer

Two Sharpie-d on guitars to give away, one at the launch party in Tyson's Corner, and one in Canada (for Canadians hoping to win the Sharpie guitar, you can enter to win it at all THREE Canadian locations, and they'll contact the winner after the events to give you the guitar)(seems fair, right?)

The Sharpie Guitars

Also, I am going to pick up this from the airport in a few hours, and it has to fit in too.

That's Tessa Gratton, my co-pilot for the first half of the trip.

So, minus Tessa, two boxes of foreign editions of Shiver for giveaway, my 17 black tank tops and 6 pairs of jeans that is my wardrobe, and all of my camera equipment for the videos of alpacas and ringing rocks and hilarity I will be making, this is kind of what the pile looks like.

Everything but the dog

Well, not the dog. But everything else.

And it must fit into here.

Packing the Car

Well, more precisely, here.

Things Must Fit In This Trunk

Oh, I can so make that work.
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