Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In Which Fake Band Names Turn Out to Be Real

So, this fake band name turned out to be harder than I thought. First of all, I had a short list of favorites, and I kept googling them (because if they turned out to be real band names, they obviously couldn't win, whether or not the original titler was aware that their fake band name was a real band name) . . . and this kept happening. So if you are not a winner and you think your band name was awesome and should've won, google it. It might truly be awesome and my favorite ever . . . and a real band.

Also, there were an unfair number of unicorn band names representing. Apparently the cultural unconscious was feeling very unicorny at the time of this blog posting.

Some were hilarious and indecent. So, no.

Some were hilarious and completely nonsensical. So, no.

Some of them sounded suspiciously like they could've belonged to local Celtic bands that played the same bars mine did in college (it takes talent to invoke that much leg hair in a band name).

In the end, it came down to two:

Elizabeth Bennet's Petticoats, and Charlotte's Temper. In an ideal world, I'll confess I would've preferred Elizabeth Bennet and the Petticoats, but that small issue was not enough to edge it out of first place. Ultimately I think I would buy Charlotte's Temper's album and go see Elizabeth Bennet's Petticoats live.

Elizabeth, you get the signed copy of Scorpio. Email me!

But Charlotte, you get a signed copy of one of my other books (I haven't decided yet which to inflict upon you), so you e-mail me too.

My email is Stiefvater Reader Mail at gmail dot com. No spaces and make the dot a proper dot and all that.
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