Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Which Maggie Posts About Food. Twice.

Because I know you guys are just tired of seeing gorgeous photos of the gorgeous places I've been touring, I decided that I would instead do a food blog for last week's tour of Portland and Seattle. This proved more difficult than I imagined, however, because it turns out that a) being allergic to preservatives means I don't eat very much, and b) there is nothing intuitive about taking photos of your food. It means that I ate three meals without remembering to take photos first. But, sans one plate of salmon & ravioli, one pair of Chipotle soft tacos, and three cups of tea, this is everything Maggie Stiefvater ate from October 8-14th. My next post will also be about food, but also about books.

Thanks to everyone in the funky, bearded, plaided Pacific Northwest for welcoming me. What a great corner of the world!

I would do this again for my next tour stop (California, next week), but I can tell you already, it will be all tea and avocados.

Tour Food, Portland & Seattle

Some of that was more delicious than it looked. And some of it was less delicious than it looks.

C'est la vie?
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