Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This Post is Actually 10 Posts

I know it appears that I haven't been writing blog posts while I'm on tour, but in fact, I have written a million of them. Well, 10. Ten bloggers were kind enough to host me or at least my words, and here is a collection of all of the posts here:

1. Books to Cure Book Hangover on Nerdy Book Club

2. Side Characters & Goat Farming, on Me, My Shelf, and I

3. Writing Advice on Girls in the Stacks

4. Mythology in the Raven Cycle on Whimsically Yours

5. Music & Writing, on All the Write Notes

6. Artwork, Writing, & the Importance of Creative Outlets, on Books Complete Me

7. I Was a Library Ghost, on TATAL Online: Teens at the Arlington Library

8. Things that Go, on

9. Atmosphere and things I stole from dreams, with The Mountains of Instead.

10. Interview! with Scott Reads It  

ALSO I was just this second asked about my stance on swearing in novels, and my response is basically a blog post of its own.
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